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Dr Mike's Word Games for Kids will have a collection of free word games and worksheets to help parents and teachers help kids learn language skills. The site is just starting out, so there's only a handful of games so far. You can find them all in this 'sitemap' page - just scroll down and pick the game you want to try!

Did you know that the game I Spy With My Little Eye dates back to at least 1937? It's a very familiar game to millions of people, great for long car trips if the kids get into it. By changing the rules a little, you can even make it engaging for kids who haven't begun to learn how to spell. This page explains how! Good for grades kindy to 2
Snabble is a fast-paced game that just uses a set of Scrabble tiles. It works best with 3 to 6 players, but you can play with just two, or even solo. The tiles start all face down, players take turns to flip a tile up, and as soon as anyone can see a word, they shout it out and take it. Once they have a word, it's far from safe - other players at any time can add letters to it to make a bigger word and claim it for their own! Good for grades 4 to 12
Typing Attack is a game to help you boost up your typing skills. As you play, first single letters, then longer and longer words drop from the top of the screen. You have to type the words before they reach the bottom. The game keeps track of your high scores, so you can challenge yourself each day to get better and better scores! Good for grades 2 to 12
This site is home to hundreds of thousands of Word Morph Puzzles - the goal of these puzzles is to change a word into another one, one letter at a time - with no rearranging of the letters at each step! For example, WORD can change to JAMS as follows: WORD - WARD - WARS - JARS - JAMS. There are easy links to help you find a word morph puzzle starting (or ending) with any word you want, and you can download each individual puzzle (or its solution) as a printable PDF file. Grab Yourself Some Word Morph Puzzles Now! Good for grades 3 to 12

Congrats, you've reached the end of the list! I hope you found some games you think will be useful! Do check back often. See you soon!

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