Word Morph Puzzles

Change one word into another, one letter at a time.


This page is your gateway to over a hundred thousand word morph puzzles - puzzles where you change one word into another by changing a single letter at a time. As an example, FISH can be changed to HOOK as follows: Change the H to a T, to get FIST. Then change the F to an L, to get LIST. Then, LIST becomes LOST, LOST becomes LOOT, then LOOK, then finally HOOK.

Word morph puzzles are an excellent way to train the brain, expnd vocabulary, and look for connections between different words and how they're spelt. With over 100000 puzzles here, you can use this page for your own daily practice, or to look for a bunch of awesome puzzles to use as a teaching tool!

There are simple word morph puzzles, and complex ones, involving all different levels of vocabulary. You'll be sure to find something that's useful for you!

Here's a list of word morph puzzles with the word nails:

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